Police launch bicycle registry

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / AndreyPopov

London police are hoping to make it easier to find stolen bikes.

Police announced Thursday that they have launched a city-wide bicycle registry program, using the 529 Garage app.

According to police, the registry will allow people to register their bikes and connect with other cyclists in the city. If a person’s bike is stolen, they can alert the wider cycling community. Other cyclists can then keep an eye out for the stolen bike.

“This is a great initiative to help curb bike theft in the city,” Sgt. Chris Carne, head of the London Police Service Community Services Unit, said in a news release issued Thursday. “The benefit of using the 529 Garage app is that it houses registration information and allows our officers to quickly query the make, model, color, and serial number of found or stolen bicycles. Like any web-based or mobile app, bicycle owners choose how much information they wish to share.”

Police say 765 bikes were reported stolen in 2019. They’re hoping the registry will make it easier to get stolen bicycles back to their owners.

“It’s easy to register, input whatever information you wish as a point of contact for you into the London Police registry, and even upload an image of your bike if you choose. The service is free,” police said.

To register your bike, click here.