London musicians team up to create three new Christmas songs

London Public Library Communications Manager Ellen Hobin and London Audio Engineer Alex Emrich. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Londoners will have three new locally created Christmas songs to get them into the spirit.

The London Public Library, in collaboration with the London Music Office, tasked six-city musicians to pair up to write the holiday tunes, using the Central Library branch’s community media labs to record a demo track for each.

“Christmas On Its Way” by Casper Marcus and Saveria is the first of the trio of songs to make its public debut, going live on Spotify last Friday.

“I can’t stop listening to Saveria and Casper’s song… my whole family including my young daughter love it. It just has such appeal,” said London Pubic Library spokesperson Ellen Hobin. “We want people to listen to it because we know it is going to become a new tradition. I see this song having global appeal.”

The two minute and 55-second song focuses on the anticipation that builds in the days prior to Christmas day.

Audio Engineer Alex Emrich produced the holiday songs and stressed these are unique musical works.

“When London Music Office paired up those artists they just took a chance with some new really creative collaborations,” said Emrich. “Take ‘Christmas On Its Way,’ you have a rapper and an incredible R&B vocalist put together and they made this really feel good Christmas track, which I was so grateful to produce.”

The second of the three songs – “Don’t Tell Me It’s Christmas” by Julia Haggarty and Charlie Weber – will be released this Friday. The third and final song of the holiday trio – “Vic Park” by Taylor Holden and Addison Johnson – won’t be available to the public until next year.

The writing and recording project began in August and shines a light on the high-quality equipment within the library’s “The Labs.”

“Everything you need to make a really great recording is in that room,” said Emrich. “There are awesome microphones, a really good interface, and industry software on the computer. If you have the creativity and a willingness to learn some equipment it is definitely worthwhile getting in there.”

Located on the second floor of the Central Library downtown, The Labs are free to use with a library card and offer a hands-on approach to developing creative talent. In addition to audio recording equipment, the space offers a green screen, photography backdrops, lighting equipment, and a 3D printer. Those interested in checking out or using the space can book it out for up to two hours daily.

“Maybe you have a song that has been burning inside you, maybe you just want to learn about production, That is what this space is for,” said Hobin.

The Central Library will host a live performance by the artists on November 26.