Razor blade found in teen’s Halloween candy

A razor blade was found inside a small chocolate bar a London teen received while trick-or-treating. Photo courtesy of London police.

London police are urging parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after a London teen found a razor blade in one of the bite-sized chocolate bars he received while trick-or-treating.

The teen spent Halloween night going door-to-door in the Wortley Village area, however, it isn’t known exactly which home the small Mars bar came from.

According to police, the chocolate could have come from any home on streets between Wortley Road, Langarth Street East, Wharncliffe Road South, and Victor Street.

Fortunately, the teen was not injured by the razor.

Police are advising parents to give their child’s Halloween candy a once over and to contact them immediately if anything suspicious is found.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing, police said.

The area in which the teen who received a chocolate bar with a razor blade in it was trick-or-treating.