Trudeau Liberals hold on to power

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smiles as he addresses a Liberal rally at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts, Windsor, September 16, 2019. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

It appears Justin Trudeau has lost his majority, but his Liberals will remain in power, at least for now.

The Trudeau Liberals are projected to win the federal election, however, they will need support from one or more of the opposition parties to govern, with most projections calling for a minority Parliament.

The Liberals needed at least 170 federal ridings to form a majority government. The party held 177 seats at the dissolution of the previous government last month.

The Liberals have won or are leading or projected to win 156 seats on Monday as of just before midnight, with Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party currently forming the official opposition with 121 seats. The NDP under Leader Jagmeet Singh has earned a total of 25 seats, a notable drop from the previously held 39 seats.

The Bloc Québécois more than tripled their number of seats to 32.  The Green Party is currently holding three seats, which is one more than in the previous session, and Leader Elizabeth May has also been re-elected on Saanich-Gulf Island.

The Peoples Party of Canada has taken a significant blow by holding no seats at the end of the election. Party Leader Maxime Bernier also lost in Beauce, Quebec.