Police expect increased thefts from vehicles

Vehicle with window smashed by thieves. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Marcopolo

Londoners looking to take advantage of the warm summer weather by hitting area parks and trails are being told not to leave any valuables inside their vehicles.

London police issued the reminder noting thefts from vehicles tend to increase over the summer months. They said “opportunistic thieves” scope out parking lots for any purses, wallets, laptops, and cellphones left in vehicles.

“We appreciate that sometimes you have no choice but to secure valuables inside your vehicle and if that is the case, ensure that they are out of view,” Detective Sergeant Ryan Scrivens said in a statement.

Scrivens also advises drivers not to wait until they get to their destinations before tucking valuables away.

“Many thieves lie in wait and watch as you place your purse, laptop or other valuables under the seat, or in the trunk of your vehicle. Ensure you secure these items out of sight prior to your arrival,” said Scrivens.

Figures released by police show there were 380 theft from vehicle incidents in June and 406 in May. However if past years are any indication, those numbers are likely to go up in July and August.

In 2018, thefts from vehicles jumped from 298 in June to 358 in July and 423 in August.