Items seized by London police from a home on Hamilton Road. Photo supplied by London police.

Meth lab supplies found in Hamilton Road home

London police have released more details about their investigation into a dormant drug lab on Hamilton Road.

Police, firefighters, and paramedics descended on the home in a housing complex on Tuesday around 3 p.m. They discovered what appeared to be a drug lab, but quickly determined there was no risk to public safety.

On Wednesday, police did a further search of the home with the help of chemists from Health Canada. They seized ingredients commonly used in the manufacturing of crystal methamphetamine, a recipe book for making methamphetamine, containers with unidentified solids and liquids, and waste products.

“While it was determined early in this case that there was no immediate risk to public safety, the combination of chemicals involved in illegal synthesis drug operations is always cause for concern,” Detective Sgt. Rob Merrimen, of the Guns and Drugs Section of the LPS said in a statement released Thursday. “Illegal drug synthesis labs are dangerous and volatile operations that can pose significant threats to both the public and first responders.”

According to police, charges will depend on the analysis of the scene by Health Canada. It’s possible that could take several weeks.

The investigation is ongoing. Police are asking anyone with any information to call them or Crime Stoppers.