Fanshawe getting federal cash for ag hub

Fanshawe College will establish an agri-food research hub, thanks to millions in funding from the federal government.

The nearly $2 million over five years was announced Thursday by Minister of Science and Sport Kristy Duncan. According to a statement from the college, the money will allow Fanshawe to establish the Centre for Bioeconomy at the Centre for Advanced Research and Innovation in Biotechnology.

“While federal and provincial policy looks to grow the agri-food production sector, producers face barriers to innovation that hamper growth, such as delayed technology adoption and insufficient support for product development and commercialization,” the college said in the statement.” It added the centre will focus on soil health, as well as food innovation and commercialization.

“The centre will help companies in the agrifood and agritech sectors become more competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, helping them create new products and improve existing product lines,” said Colin Yates, chair for Fanshawe’s Centre for Research and Innovation.