Youths jump off lighthouse at Port Dover Pier

The lighthouse in Port Dover. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

Police are urging the public to avoid dangerous behaviour after several youths were seen jumping off a lighthouse and into the water at the Port Dover Pier.

The Ontario Provincial Police said officers responded to the pier onĀ Harbour Street on June 7 at around 3:21 p.m., after a call from a concerned citizen.

While no one was injured during this incident, this kind of behaviour can end in serious or death, police said.

“You can jump a dozen times without hurting yourself however it will only take that one time when you happen to get knocked unconscious by landing at an odd angle. If the impact with the water knocks you unconscious, you won’t be able to swim back to the surface. If rescuers can’t find you in time, you will drown,” the OPP said in a media release.

There have been a number of complaints of people jumping into the water and swimming across the channel in the area, and theĀ Port Dover Harbour Authority has erected signs discouraging this kind of behaviour due to the high volume of vessel traffic.

“The OPP’s main focus is public safety and security and wants to prevent injuries or a fatality from happening,” police said. “The OPP will enforce the Trespass to Property Act and will deal with people found to be engaging in this activity accordingly.”

Anyone who witnesses this kind of behaviour is asked to report it to the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122.