Dream Lottery back with luxury homes, cash

Chair of London Health Sciences Foundation Ron Mikula, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation Michelle Campbell, and President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation Scott Fortnum stand in the golf simulator at the Dream Home at 2162 Ironwood Rd., April 18, 2019. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

Golf enthusiasts who wish they could spend time every day perfecting their swing could see that wish granted, thanks to the spring edition of the Dream Lottery.

The semi-annual sweepstakes, in support of the London Health Sciences Centre, Children’s Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Health Care, launched Thursday with two luxury homes in London and a cottage retreat in Grand Bend among the grand prize options up for grabs.

Standing in the state-of-the-art golf simulator, lottery officials gushed about all the dream home at 2162 Ironwood Rd. has to offer. The 5,075 square foot industrial style two-storey house is located just under the summit of Boler Mountain’s ski hill. It features exposed brick, wood, big windows, and an open-concept kitchen. The basement includes a bar, soft seating, and the golf simulator.

“It’s very timely given that we just celebrated the Masters last weekend and if you go into our golf simulator there is a big picture of Tiger Woods on the wall,” said Michelle Campbell, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. “In fact, we have an array of photographs of popular golf pros. This is a great space.. because of the ceilings and design it does not feel like you’re in a basement.”

The home is valued at more than $1.45 million.

Across the street at 2167 Ironwood Rd. sits the second dream home, this one inspired by 18th-century architecture in Provence in the south of France. Valued at $1.25-million, this home boasts elegant style and a soft pastel palette of colours throughout its 3,806 square feet. It also includes a two car garage and $250,000 cash.

Both dream homes on Ironwood Road were built by Jefferson Homes.

The third choice is a 3,000 square foot luxury cottage northwest of London, a stone’s throw from Pinery Provincial Park at 10130 Pinery Bluffs Rd. in Grand Bend. The $1.2-million home by Nicholson Builders includes an outdoor living space, a large walk-in pantry, and a basement entertaining space. The cottage comes with $250,000 cash.

However, if the grand prize winner has a different dream they’d like to pursue, they can also opt for $1-million cash instead of one of the dream homes.

Back for another season is the 50/50, with a guaranteed payout of $250,000 and no maximum. Last spring’s 50/50 saw the prize pool exceed the $1 million mark for the first time in the lottery’s history, with the winner taking half. The Travel and Treasure Calendar gives ticket holders a chance to win a prize every day in August. A ticket for the Dream Lottery must be purchased in order to buy a 50/50 ticket and calendar.

The lottery has brought in a net total of more than $35 million in support of London’s three hospitals since it was created in 1996.

“What activities like the Dream Lottery provide is a layer of excellence that really gives us a lot more flexibility to trial medical equipment, to get medical technology into our hospitals faster so that when you’re coming to our hospitals you are receiving the latest and greatest care,” said Campbell. “This lottery and the $35 million net that it has produced over the lifetime of the program has made a huge impact in our hospitals.”

The spring Dream Lottery sold out in 2017 and 2018 and Campbell is optimistic this spring will be no different.

“The spring program is very strong and based on what I am seeing in the dream home this morning, I think we have a really good shot of selling out again this year,” said Campbell.

Tickets for the Dream Lottery, 50/50 draw and the calendar are on sale now and will continue to be until July 4. The grand prize draws will be made on July 17 and July 18.

For more information on the Dream Lottery and its prizes, click here.