Mouldy marijuana being recalled

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / SoruEpotok

A cannabis grower is recalling some of its pot sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) due to mould.

There have been five complaints since Sunday and RedeCan is recalling Lot B.E.C. 4B2L3, and all units of the B.E.C. brand to be safe. The pot producer posted the recall on Reditt on Thursday.

“RedeCan is committed to dealing with this matter seriously, urgently, and transparently, and will investigate, resolve, and address any such issues with the best interests of its consumers as its greatest concern,” the company said.

The cannabis grower said at this point, it appears that the complaints are limited to just one lot of the strain called “B.E.C.” and packaged in 3.5 gram bottles. RedeCan added it has visually inspected the batch samples of this lot that it is required to retain by Health Canada and has found no evidence of any mould in these samples.

“RedeCan has received no other reports of mould in any of its products,” it added.

RedeCan said it is working with OCS to obtain and analyze data.

“RedeCan has decided to act with the utmost caution and take the most prudent course possible without delay,” the weed grower said. “We could say that we have only received five complaints out of 500,000 units sold and we could say that we have never received such a complaint since we became an LP in 2014 but even one complaint is too many and if there’s a problem we will fix it.”

RedeCan said all 7,400 bottles of Lot 4B2L3 will be inspected and tested with the cooperation of Health Canada and all batch samples of B.E.C. will be tested and verified by an independent third party.

The marijuana producer added that all its products undergo irradiation and rigorous third-party testing before they are packed in a secure facility, sealed, and shipped in a sealed container directly to the provincial wholesaler.