Photo of Tori Stafford.

McClintic sent back to conventional prison

The father of 8-year-old Tori Stafford says one of his daughter’s killers has been transferred from an Indigenous healing lodge back to prison.

In a Facebook post Thursday morning, Rodney Stafford shared news of Terri-Lynne McClintic’s transfer back behind bars with the world.

The post was shared nearly 600 times within one hour.

There was mass outrage from across the country when it was revealed a few weeks ago that McClintic had been allowed to transfer from a prison to the Saskatchewan-based healing lodge. Rallies protesting the move to the minimum security facility were also held in Stafford’s hometown of Woodstock and in Ottawa.

McClintic is serving a life sentence for the 2009 kidnapping, rape, and first-degree murder of Tori Stafford.

News of her transfer back to a conventional prison came just one day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced new rules to prevent similar transfers to healing lodges from happening in the future.

“I provided direction to CSC (Correctional Service of Canada) to improve policies related to transfers of medium-security women offenders to facilities that do not have a directly controlled perimeter. CSC will begin to implement these policies immediately,” Goodale said in a statement Wednesday.

Under the new policies, the following would have to be considered before an inmate can be transferred to a facility without a controlled perimeter:

-The length of an offender’s sentence
-Time remaining before an offender is eligible for an Unescorted Temporary Absence
-Requirement that long term offenders be at least into the preparation for release phase of their correctional plan
-For those serving long sentences, institutional behaviour.

Goodale also promised there would be more communication with victims and their families.