An old artillery shell found at a construction site near Highbury Ave and Killaly Ave. Photo provided by London police.

Live artillery shell found at construction site

London police are reminding the public not to handle anything that resembles military ordinance after a person found and brought home what turned out to be a live artillery shell.

The London police explosive disposal unit was called to a Victoria Street home 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday. The person had found the 22-inch military shell at a construction site in the area of Highbury Avenue and Killaly Avenue and brought it back to their home.

The Canadian Forces explosive ordinance disposal unit at C.F.B. Borden was brought in and determined the shell was live. It was then moved to a disposal site elsewhere in the city where it was “rendered safe,” police said.

Police advise anyone who comes across a military shell or any item of concern to not touch it, but to leave the vicinity it is in immediately and call 911.