Limberlost Fire Damage Pegged At $100K

Fire damage to a unit at a townhouse complex on Limberlost Rd. Photo courtesy of @BraveTube

A day after a pair of suspicious fires at a west London townhouse complex, fire officials have said the damage is estimated at $100,000.

Firefighters were called about a fence fire at 1481 Limberlost Rd. around 5am Tuesday. When crews arrived they found some mattresses on fire near a fence and the front of one of the nearby units ablaze.

“The fire was spreading up the exterior of the building, had got into the attic space and had breached and got into the house,” said Deputy Fire Chief Jack Burt. “The occupants of that dwelling did have working smoke alarms and were able to safely get out.”

The unit has since been boarded up and its residents offered another unit through the London Middlesex Housing Corporation.

A joint investigation into the fires by the London Fire Department and the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal was completed Wednesday morning, according to Burt.

“London police are still investigating both fires as suspicious in nature and are urging anyone who witnessed anything to contact them at 519-661-5670, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS,” said Burt.

Some residents of the complex believe the fires and a few past incidents point to a so-called “firebug” being in the area, but Burt said the department has “not seen any evidence of that.”