File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / SoruEpotok

Pot Sales Going Private

Some big changes appear to be coming to the plans for marijuana sales in Ontario.

According to reports in both the Globe and Mail and VICE News, the Ontario government will soon announce plans to allow private stores to sell pot in the province. According to the reports, the Ford PCs will scrap the former Liberal government’s plan to have the LCBO exclusively handle pot sales in Ontario.

In September of last year, the Wynne government announced its plan to sell marijuana at approximately 150 stand-alone stores run by the LCBO. The first 80 cannabis shops were to open across Ontario by July 1, 2019. Ultimately the plan was to have 150 stories up and running by 2020. The stand-alone stores were being introduced to ensure pot is not sold alongside alcohol.

But according to the VICE report, sources say Premier Doug Ford will overturn that plan and allow marijuana sales in private businesses. It’s expected, however, that the province will still oversee the wholesale distribution of pot and online sales.

An announcement from the government is expected next week.