Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / bwylezich

Ford Government Ends Electric Vehicle Incentive Programs

The latest casualty of the decision to cancel cap and trade is the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program.

The Ford government cancelled cap and trade as part of its commitment to cut gas prices by $0.10 a litre. Cap and trade funded a long list of programs which included things like cycling infrastructure, school repairs, and the incentives to boost the sale of electric and hydrogen vehicles.

A release from the government says applications will be accepted from dealerships, car owners and prospective car owners so long as the vehicle has been delivered, registered and plated by July 11. Dealers can also apply for incentives if they have those vehicles on the lot or have an order with the manufacturer by July 11. Charging stations bought or installed before that date will also be eligible.

According to, there are currently 156 charging stations in the City of Windsor, 53 in London, and three in Chatham-Kent.