(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Kobyakov)

Pilot Project Offers Cheaper Child Care

Help is on the way for families struggling to cover the cost of child care.

The City of London announced the new Licensed Child Care Affordability Pilot for London and Middlesex County on Wednesday. Through the one-time initiative, families with children between the ages of zero to four, who pay all or some of their child care fees, will save up to $7 per day.

“This is an opportunity to address affordability and increase access to high quality licensed child care for our youngest population here in London and Middlesex County,” said Lynne Livingstone, managing director of neighbourhood, children and fire services for the city.

The pilot project also includes initiatives and support for licensed child care providers to enhance quality, build capacity, and support for children with special needs.

The program will run from now until the end of December.