No Parking sign. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Overnight Street Parking Returning

Beginning this weekend, Londoners will be able to park cars overnight on many city streets without fear of getting a ticket.

The annual lifting of the ban on overnight parking comes into effect this weekend.

“The eased restriction, which lifts the prohibition of parking on a roadway or shoulder between 3am and 5amĀ for personal vehicles and motorcycles takes effect May 19 and ends after the Labour Day long weekend in September,” the City of London said in a statement released Tuesday. “It does not apply to commercial motor vehicles, mobile homes or trailers.”

The easing of the ban on overnight parking is not without other restrictions as well. Vehicles will not be allowed to park on the street for more than 12 hours. Vehicles also cannot be parked in areas where otherwise prohibited or restricted, such as in front of fire hydrants or on boulevards or front lawns.

The city asks that anyone who has questions or concerns call 519-661-4537.