Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne appears with supporters in London. May 15, 2018. Photo by Miranda Chant.

Slogans Are Not Policy: Wynne

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne took a shot at PC Leader Doug Ford’s “bumper sticker” rhetoric while on a campaign stop in London Tuesday.

During a question and answer period with the media, a reporter asked Wynne whether she felt she needed to be “punchier and pull out the odd slogan or two” like her rival Ford.

“Here’s a slogan for you – Care Over Cuts,” Wynne jokingly answered. “We are going to invest in care, that is our commitment. We are not going to cut across government. We are not going to cut education and health care.”

The Liberal leader then pointed out that slogans do not make up for a lack of policy or a detailed platform.

“Here is the thing, slogans are not policy. Slogans are not solutions to the concerns and needs that confront the people in Ontario,” said Wynne. “I am going to tell you the truth. I am going to tell you what we see as the necessary investments. I am going to talk to you about why it is necessary that we invest in child care, mental health supports, hospitals, and in high-speed rail because all of those things are necessary. You can then compare me to Doug Ford and if I am found wanting because I don’t have a clear enough bumper sticker, so be it.”

Wynne was at Sagecomm, a communications firm in London, for her campaign stop in London.

She focused primarily on her party’s commitment to establishing a high-speed rail link between London and Toronto. The second phase of the plan would link London to Windsor.

Earlier in the day, NDP leader Andrea Horwath brought her campaign to London and said, while she supports high-speed rail, it must not come at the expense of the region’s high-quality farmland. She also blasted the Liberals for their record on health care, pointing to the hallway medicine protocol at the London Health Sciences Centre, which she says is the result of cutbacks brought on by the Liberal government.