(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Matt Weverink)

Police Urge Motorcycle Safety Over The Long Weekend

Almost half of the motorcyclists who died in crashes on Ontario roads last year were not at-fault, according to provincial police who are urging drivers to use caution ahead of the holiday weekend.

The Ontario Provincial Police say 2017 marked a ten-year high with 48 motorcyclist deaths, and police say motorcycle drivers were not at-fault for 22 of those collisions.  Police say the other contributing factors last year’s motorcycle related fatalities were alcohol/drug impairment (six deaths), improper turns (six deaths), excessive speed (five deaths) and failing to yield (five deaths).

“Last year, the OPP saw the highest number of road fatalities in five years, with 343 people losing their lives. Regardless of where your travels take you this week and over the weekend, please know that driving safely means driving the number of road deaths way down,” said OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes. “The OPP, our policing partners and the thousands of families travelling on Ontario roads this week are counting on you to help make that happen.”

As well, police say off-road vehicles collisions resulted in 22 deaths last year.  Nine of those people killed were not wearing a helmet, and drivers losing control of their vehicles resulted in a total 15 deaths between 2016 to 2017.