Rain stock photo. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / chalabala)

Two Days, Half A Month’s Worth Of Rain

Wet and icy weather that kept a lot of Londoners hunkered down indoors all weekend didn’t break any records, but it did amount to more than half of a month’s worth precipitation in 48 hours.

The rare mid-April ice storm that brought a mixed bag of torrential rain, freezing rain, and ice pellets to the region saw 16.2 mm of precipitation fall on Saturday and another 29.3 mm drop on Sunday.

“If we look at the break down for the month of April, we normally get about 74.7 mm of rain and about 9.4 cm of snow,” said Geoff Coulson, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada. “With the way things are shaping up and looking at the numbers that we had through the weekend those numbers are looking to be 45 mm or 46mm. So a little more than half of a normal month’s worth of precipitation falling over the weekend.”

Areas to the west of the city, like Windsor, smashed rainfall records on Sunday. However, London fell short of the April 15 precipitation record of 39.9 mm, set in 1954.

Coulson was quick to point out the winter-like storm that turned roads into ice rinks and knocked out power for thousands across the province was highly unusual for this time of the year.

“We can still get winter-like storms in late March and maybe the first week of April but having weather like this, this bad, this prolonged, for the amount of ice pellets and freezing rain that we had reported across southwestern Ontario is not something that we see very often at all,” said Coulson. “We went back at least a few decades trying to find an event that happened this late in the season and couldn’t really find one.”

London is in line to receive a bit more wintery weather overnight Monday, with 2cm of snow possible. There is also a chance of flurries throughout the day Tuesday. The unseasonably low temperatures will stick around for the rest of the week, hitting only 7 C by Friday.

The normal daytime high for this time of year is 13 C, said Coulson, who noted spring is dragging its heels arriving this year.

“The forecast right now into next week is showing more in the way of double-digit temperatures between 10 C and 13 C, so closer to seasonal temperatures but no real indication at this point of really, really warm air,” said Coulson. “By mid-April, we would expect to see a few days getting up into the mid-to-high teens, unfortunately, nothing really being indicated like that over the next week to ten days.”