A black gym bag that contained the remains of a dead puppy found in St. Thomas, March 1, 2018. Photo courtesy of St. Thomas police.

Starved Puppy Found In Gym Bag

Police in St. Thomas believe a dead puppy stuffed inside a gym bag may have been starved to death.

The grisly discovery was made just after 8am on Thursday by a passerby who noticed a black gym bag near the CN rail tracks between Inkerman St. and Woodworth Ave.

The animal appeared to be a six to 8-month-old black lab mix breed with a white patch of fur on its chest.

An initial assessment suggested the puppy was starved to death, according to St. Thomas police.

The OSPCA has been contacted about the discovery.

The investigation is ongoing and police are asking anyone with any information to call them at 519-631-1224 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.