Rain on window (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / pzAxe)

Normal Looking Spring For Region

Southwestern Ontario will have normal temperatures this spring but higher than normal precipitation.

The Weather Network has released its spring forecast for March, April, and May.

Meteorologist Brad Rousseau says our region will likely have more rain and snow than usual this spring.

“We’re looking at an active storm track into the Great Lakes basin much like what we saw most of the winter and even the past several days. Certainly, no shortage of rain for you guys and that trend looks like it’ll continue as we head into the spring,” says Rousseau.

Rousseau reminds us that, typically, about 20cm of snow falls in southwestern Ontario in March so we have not seen the last of the winter weather. He adds that Ontario will likely not see a hot summer once again as temperatures are forecast to be closer to normal.

Rousseau says areas along the 401 corridor will feel near normal temperatures over the next three months but will have above average rain and snow.

“Definitely have to keep an eye for more flooding. The fortunate part is that the bulk of that snowpack is now gone and that was part of the reason for so much flooding. All that snow melted very rapidly. Luckily that’s gone but the soil is still saturated so any additional heavy rainfall is going to lead to more flooding,” he says.

Rousseau says there’s more rain on the way for Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday and the potential for more flooding remains throughout March, April, and May.

“Looks like the pattern that we’re evolving into is similar to what you guys have been seeing. We have this decent feed of moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and when you get these subtropical moisture feeds, the rainfall tends to be a little heavier than your run of the mill storms,” Rousseau says.