Wastewater Treatment Issue Cause Of Unusual Smell

An unusual smell that plagued parts of the city on Friday has returned.

The London Fire Department and Union Gas were notified again on Tuesday about the sour cabbage, sulphur-like smell, primarily in the south end.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has confirmed the odour, which poses no health threat, is the result of a problem at a wastewater treatment facility within a south London company.

“The process upset has resulted in odours leaving the site. The odour can be described as a biological odour that is easily confused with the smell of natural gas. At this time the ministry does not have any information to suggest that the odour is a concern to the environment or the community,” city officials said in a statement.

Fire crews and Union Gas officials confirmed the smell was not the result of a natural gas leak when it first began to waft over parts of London on Friday.

The ministry is working with the unnamed company to correct the odour causing problem.