Photo of Western University by Flickr user Lars Plougmann, used under a Creative Commons licence.

UPDATE: Western Residences Evacuated Due To Strange Smell

The all-clear has been given after a strange smell prompted the evacuation of two student residences at Western University.

The university says firefighters responded at around 2:55pm on Wednesday after the smell was reported in the basement of Sydenham Hall.  The fire alarms were pulled at both Sydenham and Medway halls, which were evacuated as a precaution.

Fire officials say the smell was caused by bromine pucks that caused a chemical reaction with something else in a trash container. The material has since been removed from Sydenham Hall and students have been allowed to return.

Medway Hall was cleared for re-entry around 5pm, and Sydenham Hall remained closed off until around 6:45pm.

The Sydenham Dining Hall will be closed until 11:30am Thursday morning as a result of the incident, the university says. Until then, Medway-Sydenham students can access the snack bar at Delaware Hall and eat breakfast at Elgin Hall or Delaware Hall beginning at 7:30am.