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OPP Hoping For A ‘Safe And Responsible’ Super Bowl

Provincial police will be out in force to ensure partiers are being responsible this Super Bowl weekend.

The NFL championship game is the most-watched television event of the year and many people across southwestern Ontario will be attending and hosting football parties. Some will be there to watch the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, while others are there to watch the commercials or see the halftime show with recording artist Justin Timberlake.

The OPP will be out on the streets to ensure people are safe, particularly on Sunday, and RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) programs may go up unannounced by the OPP or your local police department. The OPP is also urging football fans to use common sense if alcohol is served at your Super Bowl party.

OPP Constable Ed Sanchuk says if you’re going to drink, plan ahead. Arrange for a designated driver, take a taxi or an Uber, or plan to stay the night wherever your football party is.

“We want everyone to enjoy the game whether it is socializing with family or friends, but we want everyone to act responsible,” says Sanchuk in a news release. “Drinking and driving is a gamble that you can’t win.”

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, Sanchuk says you are responsible for the safety of your guests and it is your job to monitor how much they’re drinking. He suggests these tips:

  • Have guests designate their drivers when they arrive. Have the numbers handy for local taxi companies or have the Uber app on your phone.
  • Serve the drinks yourself. Pour properly-measured drinks and don’t serve doubles.
  • Never serve alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated.
  • Switch to water, juice, pop or low-alcohol beverages during the second half of the game.
  • Don’t have drinking contests, which detract attention from the game itself.
  • Provide plenty of food and snacks.
  • Take the keys away from anyone who tries to drive home impaired.