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Murder Suspect Arrested In London Drug Bust

London police say a suspect in a murder in Mississauga was among four people arrested in a drug bust in the city.

On Thursday, police raided a home on Maitland St. and seized more than $30,000 worth of drugs and $10,000 in cash. One of the suspects, 23-year-old Victor Brooks of Mississauga, was wanted by Peel Regional Police on a charge of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Shane Thomas. The 28-year-old was gunned down on March 1, 2017 in Mississauga. Eight people are charged in connection with his death.

Brooks, along with a 21-year-old London man and two men from the Greater Toronto Area, are charged with drug possession and possession for the purpose of trafficking in connection with the bust on Maitland St.

London police say they seized over 300g of suspected cocaine, 19g of marijuana, and three marijuana gummy bear edibles.