Oakridge Superstore employee Kelly stocking shelves with beer. Photo by Miranda Chant, BlackburnNews.com

More London Stores To Sell Beer And Wine

The Ontario government is again increasing the number of grocery stores that can sell beer, wine, and cider.

The province released a list of additional stores that will be allowed to sell alcohol as of April. The Loblaw’s in Masonville and the Walmart at 330 Clarke Rd. are among the 87 stores that were selected in a bidding process held by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

“The rollout of beer and cider in grocery stores has increased convenience for consumers and expanded opportunities for grocers, breweries and cideries to grow their businesses and create more jobs,” says Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa in a statement released Friday.

The grocery stores that sell alcohol will have to do so under strict conditions.

– Beer and cider may only be sold between 9am and 11pm Monday-Saturday and between 11am and 6pm on Sunday.

– Beer and cider may only be sold in a six-pack or less or up to 750mL per container.

– Staff selling alcohol must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be trained on Ontario’s standards for social responsibility, including making sure customers under the age of 19 and intoxicated individuals do not purchase alcohol.

– Grocers are required to adhere to uniform and minimum pricing for wine, beer and cider.

Currently, over 200 grocery stores across the province are already authorized to sell beer and cider. Of those, 70 can also sell wine. The province plans to eventually have up to 450 grocery stores selling beer and cider, with up to 300 of those also selling wine.