Photo of Shelley Desrochers provided by London police.

London Police Renew Their Search For Missing Woman

Police in London are making it their mission to find a woman who went missing two years ago.

Investigators say on January 2, 2016, a police officer encountered Shelley Joy Desrochers in downtown London — that was the last time someone reported seeing her.

“We have received more than 180 tips to date and there have been more than 600 investigative actions taken,” says Detective Sargeant Alex Krygsman. “We are hopeful that with the passage of time, someone will come forward with information that will help us bring Shelley home to her family and friends.”

Shelley was officially reported missing to police on the afternoon of January 21, 2016. At that point, police immediately started searching for her and have been actively investigating ever since.

Police say Shelley was “well-known and liked by many people in the community” adding that at the time of her disappearance, she had long brown hair and various visible tattoos including a rose, a heart, and a bluebird. She also has a distinctive walking style, described as being “pigeon-toed.”

Investigators say Shelley was also “known to struggle with addiction and lived a high-risk lifestyle.”

As part of their ongoing search, officers will be hitting the streets of London with posters in an attempt to draw more tips from the public to help them with the ongoing investigation. Anyone with information should contact the London Police Service tip line is (519) 660-5842 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).