Snow flakes. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / Anterovium).

Southwestern Ontario Bundles Up For Cold Week Ahead

Just after the first real snowfall of the season, Environment Canada is giving Southwestern Ontario a heads up of the chilly week ahead.

“The next five days look to be on the below normal side. We’re going to have either lake effect snow… or some of these weak systems, like the Wednesday system. Then it will be another system later on this week, which will generate light amounts of snow like 5 cm to 10 cm,” says Severe Weather Meteorologist Steve Knott.

Knott says the snowfall amounts for Monday and Tuesday were fairly normal for this time of year.

“The snowfall amounts, that I’ve been able to see anyways, aren’t anything too bad. We had a report out for west London of 10 cm, it looks like about 7 cm at the airport in Windsor, and 8 cm in Ridgetown near Chatham,” says Knott.

Knott says the snowfall at the beginning of the week is the result of a low-pressure system.

“This was like an Alberta Clipper, so it kinda came more or less from Alberta-Montana and these things typically don’t have a lot of moisture associated with them. It was kind of in line with that sort of low-pressure system,” says Knott.

According to Knott, most of the snow is headed for the London area on Wednesday.

“Certainly if you’re towards London or towards Lake Huron, you’re in a snow squall warning at this point in time. We’re watching a couple of streamers near Stratford and Goderich, and one is just slowly starting to move into London. These things are going to be capable of 15-20 cm by the time everything is said and done,” says Knott.

Knott says the weather agency is expecting less snow for Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex.

“We got another low-pressure system kind of approaching. It’s almost like another Alberta Clipper. Right now it’s in south Manitoba and it’s going to go south of Windsor into Ohio. Wednesday afternoon, we’re expecting general light snow again for Windsor and Chatham. Maybe something on the order of 10 cm,” says Knott.

Knott expects the weather to slowly weaken towards the end of the week.