Fire officials investigate the cause of an explosion at a home at 1335 Hamilton Rd., December 5, 2017. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

Home Explosion Investigation Continues

It could be a few days before investigators with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office pinpoint the cause of an explosion at a southeast London home that sent one person to hospital.

The blast at the home at 1335 Hamilton Rd., just west of Clarke Rd. happened around 4pm on Monday. One person was taken to hospital with second-degree burns. Three other people inside the home, which is divided into rental units, were not hurt.

“The investigation is in the preliminary stages. So I haven’t got any information in regards to cause of this incident at this time,” said Ontario Fire Marshal Fire Investigator Clive Hubbard Tuesday afternoon. “I have a process that I follow and I haven’t got to the part of my process yet that will take me into the interior of the property. So for now we are still working on the exterior stuff.”

A representative with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority was also on scene Tuesday. Natural gas lines to the home were shut off by Union Gas workers.

Damage from an explosion at a home on Hamilton Rd. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

Damage from an explosion at a home on Hamilton Rd.

Brick from the front and side of the home is scattered across the yard. Scorch marks could be seen in the spots of the house which were once covered by the brick. Some of the heaviest damage surrounds a basement window on the west side of the home.

The owner of the building was away at the time of the blast and there are reports a dog is unaccounted for.

“I suspect we will be here for a couple of days,” said Hubbard, who encourages anyone driving past to keep their eyes on the road. “The street is open, you can drive by, but we just ask you to use caution and make sure you’re watching the road as opposed to what is going on here at the house.”

A London police cruiser remained on the property on Tuesday afternoon, guarding the scene.