London police cruiser file photo (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News.)

Teenage Hooligans Connected To Assaults And Robberies

London police say they have rounded up a group of teenagers who are allegedly responsible for a series of recent assaults, robberies, and thefts around Fanshawe College and Western University.

Altogether, 13 teenagers aged 14-18 are facing more than 40 charges.

Officers say they made the arrests after getting reports of several incidents where members of a large group of youths were reportedly targeting student homes and — in some cases — assaulting some of the residents there.

One incident was at around 12:25am on October 8. In that case, police say three victims were approached by a group of youths in a vehicle close to Fanshawe College. Two females and a male were then assaulted — one of them with pepper spray. Two of the three victims were then taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

In a second case, at around 2:25am on October 14, police say an unidentified victim was recorded on video surveillance being pepper sprayed before running away from the area. That victim is asked to contact police as soon as possible.

A third incident took place a couple of weeks later on November 4. Police say at approximately 11:30pm that night, a large group of people entered a business on Wonderland Rd. N. and caused a disturbance. When they were asked to leave, some of the staff members were allegedly assaulted — two of them reported minor injuries.

Police say a fourth incident took place in the area of 110 Grand Ave. in London at around 2:45pm on November 8. At that time, two people were involved in what officers are describing as a “consensual fight” when five others allegedly jumped in an assaulted one of two fighters while he was laying on the ground. The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Officers say there were also three other incidents, but didn’t provide any further details on them.

Police say they may not be done laying charges or making arrests yet, either. Officers say their investigation is “open and active.”