UTRCA Warns Londoners To Stay Away From Rivers

The Thames River from Ivey Park. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News.)

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is warning London residents of high and fast-flowing waterways in the city.

The UTRCA advises residents to be extremely cautious near water and to keep pets and children safe. The conservation authority adds that water in streams, creeks, and the Thames River is fast-moving and cold. Banks can also be slippery and dangerous.

According to the UTRCA, most parts of the Upper Thames River watershed got an extra 15 to 30 mm of rainfall on Saturday, on top of the 10 to 30 mm of rainfall it received earlier in the week. The conservation authority says the extra water has resulted in the highest flows since springtime in most area waterways.

While river water levels may reach the top of the bank, the UTRCA does not expect serious flooding at this time.  Flows in smaller rivers are expected to peak Sunday afternoon, while flows in the Thames River in London are expected to peak Sunday night and into early Monday.

Flood control reservoirs at Pittock, Wildwood, and Fanshawe will be used to reduce downstream flooding.