Mathyssen Condemns Anti-Islam Rally

Another local politician is speaking out about a planned rally by an anti-Islam group on Saturday.

After Mayor Matt Brown issued a statement about the planned rally by Pegida Canada, also known as Patriots of Canada Against the Islamization of the West, London-Fanshawe MP Irene Mathyssen did the same on Wednesday.

Mathyssen, who is in France as part of a delegation marking the 75th anniversary of the raid on Dieppe, said she is dismayed to head about the rally.

“Having just attended commemoration ceremonies on the beach in Dieppe to honour the sacrifice of Canadians there, I find the irony and tragedy of this news disgusting and appalling,” she says. “On August 19 1942, 5000 Canadians risked their lives fighting against the evil of Nazism and white supremacy; 916 died, and hundreds spent three years in a POW camp for their heroism.

“More than a million Canadians joined the effort to fight for freedom and human rights, and the fight continues to this day. Those who endeavour to bring hatred, fear and division into our community are not welcome and should be ashamed. Our strength and prosperity are closely connected to our diversity and cohesive community.”

On Tuesday evening, London city councillors approved a motion to stand against racism. The motion was brought forward in response to the planned rally.

Some councillors, including Virginia Ridley and Josh Morgan, said they will join a counter-rally to oppose the Pegida demonstration outside city hall.