‘Western Lives Matter’ Images Spark Outrage

Images likes this one, showing a banner with the slogan ‘Western Lives Matter’ were posted to social media over the October 1-2, 2016 weekend, prompting backlash within the Western University community. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

A number of images posted on social media with the slogan “Western Lives Matter” have sparked outrage within the Western University community.

“‘Black Lives Matter’ is an important human rights movement and a powerful response to systemic racism that permeates our society,” says Jana Luker
, associate vice president of student experience at the university. “Western University co-opting the ‘Lives Matter’ phrase in this way is repugnant and trivializes the validity of this international cause and network.”

The images were reportedly posted to social media over this past weekend.

Luker says the university, along with Western campus police and the London Police Service, will be conducting an investigating to determine if the individuals involved will be penalized under Western’s Code of Student Conduct.

“Western does not tolerate racism. Western University considers the ‘Western Lives Matter’ banner to be contrary to the university’s values,” says Luker. “Senior administration wants to assure the entire Western community that these types of transgressions are hurtful, disrespectful and demeaning.”