Cassidy Returns To City Hall

Photo of Councillor Maureen Cassidy by Miranda Chant.

Ward 5 Councillor Maureen Cassidy is back on the job.

The former Deputy Mayor who took a self imposed leave of absence in June returns to city hall on Monday.

“I will be returning with renewed enthusiasm and determination to focus on the work my constituents elected me to do,” says Cassidy. “I know that Londoners are eager to see this Council direct its attention to the very important matters facing this city. I’m excited to rejoin all of my Council colleagues so we may continue to work together on these issues.”

In a statement released Monday morning, Cassidy offered thanks to Councillors Josh Morgan, Phil Squire, and Tanya Park for handling her duties in her absence. She also thanked both her constituents and the community for their encouragement and support.

Cassidy took leave on June 9, just days before she admitted to having an inappropriate personal relationship with Mayor Matt Brown. London’s Mayor also took a leave of absence following the scandal, although his was much shorter. Brown returned to work after only one week away.

During her leave of absence, Cassidy did not collect a city hall pay cheque.

Her first day back on the job will include a meeting of the civic works committee.