Trucker Fails To Move Over, Nearly Hits OPP Officer

( photo)

Provincial police are reminding motorists it’s the law to move over for emergency vehicles after an officer was nearly hit along Hwy. 401 near Rodney.

Elgin OPP say an officer had stopped on the shoulder of the busy highway, just east of Furnival Rd. to help a motorist change a flat tire around 12pm on Wednesday. Despite the flashing emergency lights and flares placed along the edge of the roadway, police say a tractor trailer failed to move over. The transport, hauling garbage, made a sudden steering correction at the last minute hitting all of the flares.

Luckily, the officer and the other motorist were not hit.

A 32-year-old Stoney Creek man is charged with careless driving and failing to move into another lane for an emergency vehicle.

Police say the Move Over law, which came into effect in 2003, requires drivers to slow down and move over when emergency vehicles or tow trucks are on the side of the road.

The fine for failing to do so ranges from $400 to $2,000 and three demerit points.

Since 1989, five OPP officers have been struck and killed by approaching vehicles.

OPP will be out in force this long weekend to enforce and educate the public about the Move Over law.