Police Chase Ends With Chilly Swim

St. Thomas Police cruiser. (Photo by Miranda Chant, BlackburnNews.com)

St. Thomas police say a wanted man tried to give officers the slip by taking a dip in Pinafore Pond.

Police were told the man, wanted on an outstanding warrant, was in Pinafore Park around 8am on May 3.

When officers approached the man, he ran off. Police chased him through multiple backyards in the area of Sandpiper Place and Mourning Dove Lane before cornering him between a tree and the pond.

Police say the man jumped in the frigid water and began swimming to the other side. He made it about half way before realizing officers were waiting for him on the other side. He swam back to shore where he was arrested.

A 41-year-old St. Thomas man is being held pending a bail hearing.