Mathyssen Has High Hopes For New Leader

MP Irene Mathyssen

Irene Mathyssen is holding out hope the next leader of the Federal New Democrats will reflect Canada’s diversity.

The London-Fanshawe New Democrat MP says it will be interesting to see who steps forward to replace Tom Mulcair.

Delegates voted 52% in favour of a leadership review at a conference held in Edmonton on Sunday. With less than half of the party’s support Mulcair is out as leader, setting the stage for a fresh face at the helm.

“Whether it’s a woman, whether it’s someone from the First Nations community, the disabilities community, or the LGBT community. I believe, as our party does, in the voices of every Canadian, and so someone from an affirmative action group would be great. It’s time,” says Mathyssen.

At this point not names have been put forward as potential replacements for Mulcair. Matthyssen says whoever it may be will have to have thick skin to deal with the brutality of politics.

“It is a tough business, it’s not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t matter what’s considered fair or not, life’s not fair, things aren’t fair. We just do as best we can, and for I hope all the right reasons,” says Matthyssen. “I wish the future leader the best, good luck, support and I know that the future leader will have the support of the party but I don’t envy their spot, his/ her reality at all.”

Mulcair will remain as party leader until a successor is chosen within the next 24 months.