No Agreement in Inside Worker Talks

Union members rally outside London's City Hall during CUPE Local 101 inside workers strike. Photo by Ashton Patis.

A media blackout covers Saturday’s negotiations between the City of London and CUPE Local 101, representing 750 striking inside workers.

Both sides issued brief, almost identical statements on Saturday evening:

The Mediator has suspended talks for today. We had discussions today about the issues in dispute. No agreement has been reached. The parties agree to remain in touch with the mediator. We will have no further comments beyond the above statements. CUPE Local 101

The strike began May 25, when employees who process permits and perform other so-called “inside” city duties, walked off the job. It’s the first time sine 1979 that CUPE Local 101 has gone on strike. Union officials have said the city’s demands for concessions is the main sticking point, including the city’s plans to expand 9-to-5 employees’ work-weeks to include evenings and weekends.

Last week, the city said about forty union members crossed the picket lines to return to work. Striking employees receive strike pay of about $300 per week.