No Report Cards For TVDSB Students photo

Elementary students across the Thames Valley District School Board will not be getting report cards at the end of the school year.

A “Letter of Promotion” will be sent home instead detailing what grade students will be in come September and their attendance record, rather than the usual letter grades and comments from teachers.

The Elementary Teachers Federation started a work-to-rule campaign on May 9. Local ETFO representatives say teachers have submitted marks and comments for Term 2 report cards, but the TVDSB has chosen not to distribute them.

“It is disappointing that the Thames Valley District School Board of Trustees has chosen to put students, parents, Teachers, and Principals in this situation” says ETFO Thames Valley President Craig Smith. “The Board was informed of our legal Work-to-Rule Protocol on May 9 and should have planned accordingly.”

But the TVDSB is laying responsibility for the lack of report cards at the feet of the union.

“Due to current job action, elementary teachers have been directed by their union not to complete final report cards containing the details of classroom assessment and evaluation,” a news release from the board reads.

The TVDSB says it encourages parents to contact their child’s teacher to discuss their progress during the school year.