Local Landmark Competing For National Title

Photo by Tegan Moore

A 140-year-old London landmark has been nominated to compete for the title of one of the “Great Places in Canada.”

The Blackfriars Bridge is competing online with three other locations under the “public space” category.

Blackfriars Bridge supporter Lincoln McCardle says he’d be delighted if the bridge was voted as the top public space, but ultimately he’s hoping the competition just brings awareness to one of London’s under-appreciated landmarks.

“I think we’ve kind of mistreated the bridge as of late, so my hope is that by gaining recognition from other people around Canada, it will encourage Londoners to maybe learn more about it or maybe show a bigger appreciation for it,” he says.

The bridge, which was built in 1875, was closed to traffic two years ago after it was flagged for serious structural problems. The bridge was reopened to walkers, runners and bicyclists in December of 2013 after a fenced-in walkway was erected.

“It’s been around an awfully long time and I grew up near there, so it’s always held a near and dear place to my heart,” says McCardle.

This is the second year in a row that the Blackfriars Bridge has been entered into the competition. It is also competing alongside London’s Labatt Memorial Park.

Last year, London’s Old East Village won the under the “neighbourhood” category for Great Places In Canada.

To vote in the Great Places in Canada competition, click here.