Police Host Drug Drop Off Day

Police are urging people with unwanted medication to take advantage of Prescription Drug Drop Off Day.

This Saturday anyone can safely drop off unused drugs at several locations set up by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Constable Stacey Culbert with Oxford County OPP says leaving dangerous drugs laying around can cause several problems.

“It can lead to the prescription drug being abused when it falls into the wrong hands,” she says. “The misuse is a huge safety issue to the public as well as a health issue.”

Culbert says those with prescribed painkillers in their home can become a target for thieves.

“In the area we have seen a lot oxycontin (and) percocet being turned in. Fentanyl as well,” she says. “We just don’t want to see it being kept in the house and making the public a target for somebody coming into their home and stealing it.”

The OPP will be making several sites available for residents to drop off unwanted prescription medications for disposal on Saturday between 10am-3pm.

For a complete list of OPP locations where you can safely drop off your meds, click here.