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Council To Look At Tree Conservation

In an effort to combat clear cutting, London is considering strengthening rules around tree removal.

Councillor Anna Hopkins is asking that London’s tree conservation bylaw be strengthened after a number of clear cutting incidents. Byron residents were outraged last week when dozens of trees were legally taken down on a property under development on Boler Rd. near Southdale Rd.

Hopkins says when it comes to being the Forest City, London needs to do more to preserve wooded areas.

“Most cities have protection for trees on private property. (Clear cutting) has happened before and it is happening now in my ward,” she says. “We need to look at best practices in other communities and see how they’re doing it, and apply it here.”

City staff will report back to council with some recommendations on how to keep trees standing, while promoting development.

“It’s not about stopping development, it’s about how we proceed with good development,” she says. “That process needs to be respected.”

РWith files from Ashton Patis and Lisa Brandt