Music Program Grateful For Donors

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A local program that helps to teach kids how to play orchestral music got some help this week.

El Sistema Aeolian offers free musical training to youth with financial support from its donors. Program Coordinator Minerva Figueroa says they find many ways to fund the program.

“We apply to every single grant that we can identify,” says Figueroa. “We also accept donations, like at fundraiser concerts.Instructors work with the students to build more than just musical skills.”

The program targets children who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to study classical music.

“The idea is to encourage team work,” says Figueroa. “If you can imagine what that does for how they interact with others and how they interact with themselves. They become much more self confident.”

El Sistema accepts students based on passion and enthusiasm rather than experience.

The young El Sistema musicians took the stage at Aeolian Hall with Forest City Talent Education Intermediate Orchestra and Central Secondary School Chamber Orchestra in a recent performance.

Admission was by donation and the group was able to bring in $822 that will go towards continuing their lessons.

**This story was written by Brooke Foster, a student in the Broadcast Journalism program at Fanshawe College. Brooke is currently performing an internship with