Settlement Reached Before Court Date

Kelly Grenier’s civil suit against disgraced and now dead priest Charles Sylvestre won’t be going to court after all.

Her lawyers were able to reach a settlement with the Diocese of London ahead of today’s planned court date. Personal Injury Lawyer Rob Talach, who was called in to help with the case, says the terms will be held confidential out of respect for both parties.

“I’m pretty confident there are still Sylvestre victims out there from the Pain Court region that maybe just aren’t at their stage in life to speak out,” says Talach. “The opportunity is always open to them to seek recourse on this despite his passing and of course the passing of time.”

Grenier claims she was sexually abused as a teen by Sylvestre during his time in Pain Court. In 2006, Sylvestre was convicted of 47 counts of indecent assault involving girls in parishes throughout southwestern Ontario.