Drain Your Pool The Right Way

If you do not empty your pool the proper way this fall you could be slapped with a $360 fine.

Sewer Compliance Officer Barry Orr says not dechlorinating your pool before draining it can have a major impact on the environment.

“High levels of chlorine can harm fish, and we’d hate to see a fish kill occur due to the draining or closing of a pool,” he says.

Homeowners are asked to dechlorinate pool water by using tablets or by waiting and not adding any chemicals for one to two weeks prior to draining. This will ensure that the water being drained is safe to enter into the storm sewers. As well, salt water pools need to either be discharged into a household sanitary sewer connection or hauled away by a licensed waste hauler.

“We previously did see really high numbers in some of our creeks,” says Orr. “About two to three years ago we started into an education and awareness campaign, and immediately we saw people understanding that there has been a dramatic change in the amount high-level chlorine.”