Organ Donation Petition Presented

Nancy Campana and her husband Rob join Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse in raising awareness for the iCANdonate campaign. April 11, 2014.

The campaign to remove organ donor restrictions based on sexual orientation hit an important milestone this week.

The petition was tabled in the House of Commons and MPs across party lines have voiced their support to the campaign.

MP for Windsor-West Brian Masse says the government has 45 days to respond to the petition. “I’m hoping we get a positive response and we get a review or we get a change in policy. Either of those situations would be fine to get things going and have that discussion. And I’m hopeful of that because again we have people from across all of Canada that have actually penned their name to this petition.”

The campaign began in Windsor by the family of the late Rocky Campana when they were unable to donate his healthy organs after his death because of his sexual orientation.