Website Shut Down No Excuse

A regional tax accountant says the heart bleed bug and the subsequent shutdown of the Canada Revenue Agency’s public website is no excuse not to get your taxes done.

The agency shut down its public website Wednesday because the bug could make sensitive information accessible to hackers. Federal officials say they’re working to fix the problem and believe the website will be up and running again over the weekend.

Ron Van Rooyen at Accutax Financial Services in London says the shutdown hasn’t affected his business so far. He says they’re just stockpiling returns to e-file, but it is inconvenient. “We can not access our representative client which makes it difficult sometimes if we need to find out information that people don’t have, like a missing T-4 slip, or whether or not they have RRSP contribution room.”

Van Rooyen admits business may pick up again when the website is operational again. “I’m sure that some people are thinking that we can’t do anything which just is not true.”