Business of the Month: Oil Gard presents the Business of the Month. A chance for us to highlight some of the people and companies that make London and area thrive.

October’s Business of the Month is OIL GARD ANTI-RUST.

OIL GARD ANTI-RUST has been proudly protecting Canadian vehicles for over 40 years. OIL GARD ANTI-RUST would like to thank the community for their continued support and friendly referrals.

As a local business, OIL GARD ANTI-RUST believes it is important to give back, and they do so by supporting Childcan and Autism Ontario.

Trust Your Vehicle to Oil Gard and Duck the Rust!

Oil Gard’s exclusive formulas combine rust inhibitors with petroleum-based solids to create an air-tight moisture barrier. Corrosion occurs year round, so it is important to apply Oil Gard Classic or Formula 2 No-Drip every year for maximum protection.

Oil Gard formulas cling to metal surfaces, creeping into seams and crevices and actually penetrating the pores of metal. Special additives displace rust-causing moisture  on contact. Choose Formula 2 for No Drip, and no mess!

Oil Gard London

19 Charterhouse Crescent
London, ON N5W 5V3
ph. 519-453-3600