Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath rallies with London-Fanshawe Candidate Irene Mathyssen. October 14, 2015. Photo by Ashton Patis.

NDP Takes Aim At Harper’s TPP Deal

The NDP is taking aim at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Trans Pacific Partnership deal, saying it will spell disaster for the London region and much of Canada.

Provincial Leader Andrea Horwath joined London-Fanshawe candidate Irene Mathyssen on Wednesday afternoon to talk specifics.

Mathyssen is the Seniors’ Critic and says there is one thing in the document that stands out to her.

“They are going to make sure that (drug) patents are going to be secured over a long, long time and all our hopes for pharmacare will be gone because we won’t be able to break through this trade agreement,” she tells

The historic new trade agreement was announced earlier this month, with many saying the Harper government dealt with negotiations in secret.

“Already one in four families has someone who can’t take the medication they need because they can’t afford it, Stephen Harper’s secret deal is going to lock in sky-high drug costs,” notes Horwath.

Highlights of the tentative 12-country deal can be found here.

The other major concern in the area is the impact TPP would have on the dairy sector.

“That industry will disappear and they will import milk from everywhere, but primarily the United States where they use hormones and antibiotics at a rate that is not permitted here,” says Mathyssen.

Horwath is heading to Sarnia next, where she will rally with MP hopefuls in the area.